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Alchemy Car Care

Alchemy is a range of premium car care and detailing products designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

In the middle ages, wise, bearded men used alchemy to try and produce the elixir of life; Alchemy's chemists used it to create a new brand of detailing products that breathe new life into paintwork. By mixing and blending ingredients, they’ve developed a range of products that not only work well but are easy to use and have great durability.

The brand was created by team that’s been involved in the car care industry for over 20 years. They utilised all their knowledge of existing products to select the right ingredients to create a new line of products with the highest performance.

The Alchemy range includes all the staples of a detailing range, but with their own unique twist. The Ceramic Wax for example isn’t just a standard wax, it can be applied over the top of an existing ceramic coating or as a standalone wax, which the majority of waxes on the market can’t do. Duck Tail is a Hydrophobic Wet Coat which is best applied to freshly cleaned paint that is still wet. This product provides incredible visual beading and great protection.

For more information please visit www.alchemycarcare.co.uk








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