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Dr Beasley's


Dr Beasley's produce premium, hand-crafted car care and detailing products. 

Their highly-specialised range tackles problems that modern day vehicles present. Their offering includes a renowned range of matte car care products. Including shampoos, cleansers, coatings and more for matte paint. 

Dr Beasley's are also at the forefront of paint protection for glossy cars, with a range of technologically advanced nano-coatings. 

In addition to creating products to the highest standard, Dr Beasley's prioritise the environment with much or their range being bio-degradable.

Dr Beasley’s is currently available at the following retailers:




Auto Spares Kippax, Roger Fold, High St, Kippax, Leeds LS25 7AZ
Autoparts Inverurie, Harlaw Rd, Inverurie AB51 4FH


Details Car Care Crete, Christodichali Xilouris 37,  71304 Heraklion, Crete




 Dr Beasley's UK and European Distributor                               


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