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Poorboy's World

Poorboy’s World produce products that are renowned for delivering amazing results whilst being easy to apply. 

The brand was introduced in 2002 and has gone on to grow a large, dedicated following in the car community.

Poorboy’s products are made in the US and are easily recognisable due to their bright coloured bottles and delightful scents.

The range consists of over 100 products which cover the entire detailing process. Perhaps, the two most well-known products are Black Hole and White Diamond, which are show glazes for dark and light-coloured cars respectively. They produce such jaw-dropping results that they are known around the world.

Poorboy's World's mascot ‘Johnny No Cash’ symbolises the affordable nature of Poorboy’s products. They deliver amazing results without the customer having to pay a premium.

The chemists at Poorboy’s World continue to innovate as the world of car care evolves. For example, the range includes traditional last step products such as carnauba waxes and sealants but in addition now features ceramic products.

The ease of use really sets Poorboy's apart from other brands. In addition, the range can be used in sun or shade. 

The Poorboy’s World range includes:


Wheel Cleaners


Snow Foam

Swirl Removers





Ceramic coatings

Quick Detailers

Interior dressings…and much more!


For more information please visit www.poorboysworld.co.uk                                                          

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