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The Grit Guard® Insert was invented by Doug Lamb and Grit Guard, Inc was born in 2001. The invention came about after Doug was tired of cleaning his red car. After almost every conventional bucket wash he was left with marring, unsightly swirl marks, scratches and spider webs on his paintwork. To combat this he designed a prototype - a radial grid that fit into the bottom of a bucket. The grid provided a barrier between the grit at the bottom of the bucket and the wash mitt.

Grit Guards fit snuggly into the bottom of a bucket. By rubbing a wash mitt or sponge against the radial design of the Grit Guard any potentially damaging contaminants are released and sink to the bottom. The wash mitt cannot come back into contact with these particles as the Grit Guard provides a barrier. By using this technique the wash mitt or sponge should be free of any contaminants that could damage the paint.

Using a Grit Guard is the most cost-effective method to protect paintwork from potential swirl marks, marring and scratches.

The company continued to innovate with the release of the Universal Pad Washer, which cleans buffing pads when attached to a polishing machine. They also have a range of Bucket Dollies in a variety of colours. The Bucket Dolly holds a bucket and features four wheels so the bucket can be easily manoeuvred around when cleaning.

For more information please visit: www.gritguard.com 



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